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3 okt

The only reason why I love winter

I do not have much with winter season, actually nothing at all .. until I came across this coat!
Now I can not wait until I can wear it with the cold weather.

What I Wore Today:

Coat: F32
Pants: Vanilia
Blouse: Zara
Shoes: Prada

10 Reasons to Love Winter

Layering all of your favorite clothes into 1 outfit
2) Sweaters, scarves, and mittens
3) Hot cocoa
4) Celebrating the holidays & Presents!!(And Presence!)
5) Snuggling up to someone you love
6) Christmas lights
7) Ice skating
8) Long hugs to keep warm
9) The smell of bonfires
10) No mosquitoes!

Querine Noelle van Wijk

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